Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Matthew Ryan of Cloneybrien, Tipperary, Ireland + Descendents

Matthew is my Great-Grandfather and has been a difficult subject. He is why I first got into genealogy. I was visiting family in Ireland some 30 years ago and visited a graveyard in Nenagh and found many Ryan's and no one knew which ones were "ours". After finding it very difficult to navigate local resources and trying to extract useful information from background noise, I switched gears and since then have focused mainly on my American ancestors. Below is the scarce information that I have been able to collect on the Ryans thus far. The connection to John Ryan is still being verified. Anne Hertnedy may or may not be the correct spouse.

1. John RYAN
    2. Matthew RYAN bapt. 05 Apr 1857, Cloneybrien, Tipperary, Ireland d. 1953
      + Mary Anne MCCORMACK b. 3 Jul 1868 of Garrybeg(Curragh), m. 27 Feb 1886 in Portroe Parish d. 1947
        3. Annie (Anne) RYAN, b. 30 Nov 1886, Cloneybrien d. Cloneybrien
          + RYAN
             4. Mary RYAN
               + O'DWYER
             4. Matthew RYAN
             4. Sean RYAN
             4. Christopher RYAN
        3. John RYAN, b. 07 Apr 1888, Cloneybrien d. young, Cloneybrien
        3. Michael (Mike) J RYAN, b. 06 Jul 1889, Cloneybrien d. USA
          + Elizabeth (Lizzie)
            4. Living Male RYAN
            4. Living Male RYAN
            4. Living Male RYAN
            4. Living Female RYAN
            4. Living Female RYAN
            4. Living Female RYAN
            4. Living Female RYAN            
        3. Daniel RYAN, b. 25 July 1891, Cloneybrien d. young in Slate Quarry, Cloneybrien
        3. Patrick RYAN, b. 06 July 1893, Cloneybrien d. USA
        3. Denis Christopher RYAN, b. 17 Dec 1894, Cloneybrien d. 26 Aug 1991, Burbank California
          + Dorothy Francis DENNERLIEN b. 7 Nov 1906 m. 17 Jun 1932 d. 14 Feb 1988, Los Angeles California
            4. Living Male RYAN
            4. Living Male RYAN
            4. Living Male RYAN
            4. Living Female RYAN
            4. Living Female RYAN
        3. Margaret (Peggy) RYAN, b. 15 Mar 1897, Cloneybrien d. USA
          + O'CONNOR 
        3. Mary RYAN, b. 24 Aug 1899, Cloneybrien d. young, Cloneybrien
        3. Norah RYAN, b. 24 Aug 1899, Cloneybrien d. young, Cloneybrien
        3. Mary (May) RYAN, b. 22 Dec 1900, Cloneybrien d. abt 1988, Cloneybrien
          + William MENOGUE 
        3. Matthew Joseph RYAN, b. 25 Apr 1903, Cloneybrien d. abt 1968, Cloneybrien
          + ???
            4. Mary RYAN
        3. Martin RYAN, b. 01 Jul 1905, Cloneybrien
          + Teresa O'BRIAN
            4. Matthew Lancelot RYAN, b. 1947 d. 2001
            4. Living Male RYAN 
            4. Living Male RYAN 
        3. Sarah RYAN, b. 03 Jan 1908, Cloneybrien
          + Tom SEXTON

Matthew RYAN lived in Cloneybrien his whole life. Born in 1857 there and dying in 1953 at 96 y.o. First occupied as an Engine Driver (until 29 y.o.) then as a farmer. 

1. Griffiths Valuation (1848-1864)
2. 1901 Census of Ireland
3. 1911 Census of Ireland
4. General Vital Records from RootsIreland.ie
     1857 Matthew Ryan Baptism
     1868 Mary McCormack Birth
     1886 Matthew Ryan and Mary McCormack Marriage
     1886 Anne Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1888 John Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1889 Michael Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1891 Daniel Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1893 Patrick Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1895 Denis Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1897 Margaret Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1899 Mary Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1899 Norah Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1900 Mary Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1903 Matthew Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1905 Martin Ryan Birth and Baptism
     1907 Sarah Ryan Birth and Baptism
5. 1930 US Federal Census - Holyoke Mass - Michael Ryan and Family
6. 1940 US Federal Census - Bronx NY - Denis Ryan and Family
7. Find-A-Grave: Martin Ryan & Teresa O'Brian
1. The only supporting evidence for the Baptism Record with the presumed Parents is that the date is close and it is the only Matthew Ryan born to a John Ryan in Cloneybrien in that timeframe)
2. No middle names used in the documents.
3. One mystery is the Mary-Norah-Mary situation. The 2 Mary's have birth documents and Norah just has a Baptism document. The first Mary and Norah are either twins or the same person, perhaps with the full name "Mary Norah Ryan" or something similar. Then did this child die and they named the next girl born 13 months later Mary as well?

Verbal History (interviews with family from 1983-today):
1. My G-Grandfather's name was Matthew Ryan
2. My G-Grandmother's name was Mary McCormick (now believed to be McCormack)
3. They had 12 children including my Grandfather Denis, Martin, Ann, Matthew, John, and Michael.
4. Many of the male children were killed in Quarry accidents
5. Matthew Ryan Sr.'s fathers name was thought to be John Ryan
6. The family is from Cloneybrien, Tipperary but has scattered to Nenagh, Killaloe and the US.
7. Annie, Mary and Matthew stayed in Ireland
8. Michael, Margaret, Patrick, Denis and Martin came to the US. In that order.

Cloneybrien (sometimes written as Cloney Brien) is a small hamlet in Northern Tipperary on Lough Derg (Red Lake) in the Arra Mountains. The nearest hamlets are  Drum, Loughtea, Townlough, Killoran, Ballingeer, Coolbawn and Derrybeg. The nearest towns are Castletown, Portroe, Newtown, Gerrykennedy and Grange. The nearest cities are Nenagh and Killaloe.

In Griffiths Valuation of Ireland (1848-1864) and the 1901 Census of Ireland, Cloneybrien is considered to be in Castletownarra Parish. In later documents it is often cited as being in Castletown, Portroe or Nenagh Parish.