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Daniel Kingsley Family

Daniel, Frances Anna, Anna Maria - c. 1853

Daniel Kingsley (1826-1886)
Birth: 13 Aug 1826 in Mendon, Monroe, New York, USA
Marriage1: 01 Apr 1846 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA (Anna Maria Brown)
Marriage2: Aft. 1877 (Mary Unknown - widowed Gaskill)
Death: 15 Sep 1886 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Buried at Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA 1
Father: Seth Kingsley
Mother: Polly Mary Converse

Anna Maria Brown (1827-1877)
Birth: 04 Dec 1827 in Henrietta, Monroe, New York, USA
Death: 1877 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Buried at Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA 2
Father: Francis Brown
Mother: Anna Gillett

Mary _______ (1843- )
Birth: Abt. 1843 in New York, USA

Daniel Kingsley was a well respected farmer in Pittsford New York, a region just south of Rochester in Monroe County. Daniel was married to Anna Maria Brown for 31 years until her death. He then married Mary _____, who was previously married to a Gaskill with two children. Daniel died 9 years after Anna Maria and we do not know when Mary died or if she remarried.

Children of Marriage1:

1 Frances Anna Kingsley
Birth: 27 Feb 1849 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Marriage: 20 Sep 1871 in Wayne, New York, USA
Death: Apr 1931 in Batavia, Genesee, New York, USA
Buried at Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA 3
Spouses: Lafayette Congdon (b: 21 Oct 1845)

2 Alice May Kingsley
Birth: 1851 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Death: 1853 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Buried at Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA 4

3 Edmund D Kingsley
Birth: 1852 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Death: 1888 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Buried at Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA 5

4 George Elbert Kingsley
Birth: 03 Sep 1854 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Marriage: 21 Jan 1885 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Death: 30 Mar 1923 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Spouses: Mary Emily Spellman (b: 23 Apr 1861)

5 Willis B Kingsley
Birth: Abt. 1861 in New York, USA
Death: 1923
Spouses: Louise M Spiegel (b: 23 Dec 1865)

Daniel's second wife, Mary, had the following children from her previous marriage (to possibly George Gaskill):

1 Ona Gaskill
Birth: Abt. 1867 in New York, USA

2 George Gaskill
Birth: Abt. 1874 in New York, USA


Notes based largely on Frances Anna Kingsley's Family Record:
Daniel Kingsley was born on Aug 13 1826 in Mendon NY , married Anna Maria Brown on Apr 1 1846 at Pittsford NY and died on Sep 15 1886at Pittsford NY . Daniel was born to Seth and Polly Mary (Converse) Kingsley. Daniel's father died when he was a young boy and he was the eldest of several children. He must have been a very industrious hard working boy. He was a prosperous farmer and was active in Republican politics in Monroe County. He held county offices at different times and was well known. He was elected Pittsford supervisor in 1859 and again in 1863 as well as functioning as the asst. Marshall for the 1870 US Federal census of Pittsford. He was a very charitable person and helped poor families as long, as he lived. The attendance at his funeral was largest and procession of carriages the longest. He had a sister, Susan Welch, who lived in the neighborhood. There was an estrangement between the families. He rarely mentioned them. Daniel Kingsley's grandfather came from Northampton, Mass.
Anna Maria Brown was born on Dec 4 1827 in Henrietta NY and died in 1877 at Pittsford NY. Anna Maria was born to Francis and Anna (Gillette) Brown. Not much is known beyond these facts although the Gillette family is traced back very far.
(Note: Mendon, Henrietta and Pittsford are all neighboring towns within 10 miles square)
Largely paraphrasing Edna Emily Congdon Peck's portion of Family Record:
Frances Anna Kingsley was born on Feb 27 1849 in Pittsford NY, married Rev. LaFayette Congdon on Sep 20 1871 in Wayne NY and died in 1931 at Batavia NY. Frances and LaFayette had 8 children, 5 of which lived to adulthood.: Fayette Kingsley Congdon, Edna Emily Congdon, Randolph Thatcher Congdon, Edgar Davidson Congdon, and Wray Hollowell Congdon. Frances Anna Kingsley was named for her maternal grandparents, Francis and Anna Brown. She was the eldest of four living children. Frances was a beautiful girl as all her pictures show. When about sixteen she became enrolled at Mrs. Nicholl's school for girls in Rochester. She went to the home of Mrs. Emily T. Randolph to board during school days. There she met the young college student from Springwater who was to become her husband. After finishing Mrs. Nicholl’s school, she taught a district school, which until recently stood near the farm of Uncle George Kingsley, Daniel's younger brother. Aunt Louise Kingsley, the wife of Willis, told me that she was the belle of that section. Added to her natural attractions was the fact that her father was prosperous, owning three farms on the Clover road not far from Rochester, and buildings in Pittsford. She always had beautiful clothes and everything she wanted. She was devoted to her parents She used to make frequent trips home after her mother's death to see her father. I was often taken along and have vague recollections of meeting one of my uncles at the Whitcomb House in Rochester, having dinner there and a long often cold tiresome buggy ride to grandfather's. He then lived in the house later owned by Uncle Will.
Alice May Kingsley was born in 1851 in Pittsford NY and died at two years of age.
Edmund Daniel Kingsley was born in 1852 at Pittsford NY, never married and died at middle age, in 1888 at Pittsford NY. At the time he owned and ran a meat market in Pittsford.
George Elbert Kingsley was born Sep 3 1854 in Pittsford NY, married Mary Emily Spellman on Jan 21 1885 in Pittsford and died on Mar 30 1923 in Pittsford NY. George and Emily had 3 children: Ernest Daniel Kingsley, George William Kingsley, and Frances Kingsley. George Elbert Kingsley was very sick with scarlet fever when a child and became deaf. His health was never robust. His father, Daniel, sent him west to work on a ranch when he was twenty. His health improved somewhat.
Willis B Kingsley was born about 1861 in NY, married Louise M. Spiegel and died in 1923. No issue is known for this line.


1850 US Federal Census for Carlton, Orleans, New York USA

1860 US Federal Census for Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA

1870 US Federal Census for Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
(note that Daniel Kingsley is the Asst. Marshall taking the census)

Daniel Kingsley's Obituary

Rochester Democrat - Thursday, Sept 16, 1886 p.3

Daniel Kingsley's Funeral

Rochester Democrat - Monday, Sept 20, 1886 p.3

Anna Maria Brown, Young and Old - c. 1833 and 1863

"District #4 was located on Clover Street about where Hastings Circle cul-de-sac runs off Clover near Lock 32. This land was deeded by Daniel Kingsley and his wife for use specifically as a schoolhouse. Kingsley owned property on each side of Clover Street from about French Road south to the canal.
This building was frame and had a basement that housed the coal furnace. The basement had a door to the outside. There was one front entrance that was used by both boys and girls and opened into a wide hallway that held coats, lunch pails, and boots in the wintertime. A former student reported that the playground had swings and the very best slide in the town.
Classes from 1st grade to sixth were taught in this District, as were most of the others in town. There was an area for a library near the wide hallway and in close proximity to the entrance to the basement. Older students were asked to tend the coal furnace - either by adding fuel or by "shaking" it. A Mr. Dehmler, who lived nearby, was the custodian during the years of late 1930's until the closing of the District.
Of course students walked to school and some came from as far away as Long Meadow, French Road, and all the way to the Brighton line on Clover Street and up to Stone Road. A 4-H program was offered one day a week after school, taught by a volunteer mother of one of the students.

Daniel Kingsley probate
Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #

Web-post on Daniel Kingsley
Kingsley, Daniel
Date of Birth: August, 1826 Place of Birth: Mendon Date of Death: 1886 Parents' Names: Seth Kingsley and Polly Converse Spouse: Anna Maria Brown Occupation: Supervisor of Pittsford

Daniel was an important man in Pittsford, holding both great wealth and power. In 1848, he married Anna. She was born in 1828 and died in 1877. She was also from Mendon. In 1860, and again in 1863, Daniel was elected the Supervisor of Pittsford. In 1862, a fire destroyed two of his barns. In 1879, he sold land to a relative by the name of George E. Kingsley. He sold him property in Pittsford for the sum of $3400.

Union and Advertiser, March 7, 1860: 2-4; Union and Advertiser, Feb. 14, 1862:2-4; Union and Advertiser, May 8, 1879: 2-8.