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George Elbert Kingsley (1854-1923)

George9 Elbert Kingsley (Daniel8 - Seth7 - Calvin6 - Nathan5 - Samuel4 - Samuel3 - Samuel2 - Stephen1)

The best narrative that I have come across is a short bio in the "History of Rochester and Monroe County" [7] Here it is:


A well improved farm of seventy-four acres, situated in Pittsford township, is the home of George E. Kingsley and the property has been in possession of the family for more than ninety years,having been located by N. Kingsley, an uncle of Daniel Kingsley, father of our subject, who came to this state from New England at a very early day, the family home being established in Mendon. Daniel Kingsley wedded Maria Brown, who was born in Henrietta and by her marriage became the mother of five children. The father gave his political support to the republican party and took an active part in public affairs, serving as road commissioner and supervisor of his township. His death occurred in 1886. He and his wife were numbered among the worthy pioneer settlers of Monroe County. When the father arrived in this section of the state the work of developing new land seemed a long and strenuous task, but he possessed a resolute purpose and strong determination and in due time developed a good property, which today stands as a monument to his life of thrift and energy.

George E. Kingsley was born in 1855, on the farm which is yet his home, and in the work of cultivating the land he performed an active and helpful part. He received his education in the country schools near his father's home. Since coming into possession of the homestead farm Mr. Kingsley has added many improvements to the place, including the erection of a modern country residence, which was built about five years ago. He has also set out an orchard and shade and ornamental trees and made the property one of the attractive farms of this section of the state. In addition to cultivating cereals best adapted to soil and climate he has also been engaged in the dairy business, and this is proving a gratifying source of income to him. He is practical and enterprising in carrying on his work and the success which has come to him is well merited. He was also engaged in the nursery business for fourteen years.

Mr. Kingsley was married in 1885 to Miss Mary Spellman, who was born in Pittsford, and by her marriage she has become the mother of two sons, and a daughter, Ernest, George and Frances. The father gives his support to the republican party and has served as school trustee and school clerk, the cause of education ever finding him a warm and stalwart friend. He has continued the work of agricultural progress which was here instituted by his father and is today numbered among th e substantial residents of Monroe county. Both he and his wife have a wide and favorable acquaintance in their home locality, for here their entire lives have been passed and their friends, who are many, have been won by reason of the many sterling traits of character which they possess.

Individual Facts:

Name: Kingsley, George Elbert [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
Sex: Male

Father: Kingsley, Daniel
Mother: Brown, Anna Maria

Birth: 03 Sep 1854 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA; Deaf from Scarlet Fever [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
Census: 1900 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA [2]
Death: 30 Mar 1923 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA
Burial: Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA; Pittsford Cemetery, Plot 605

Shared Facts:

Spellman, Mary Emily
Marriage: 21 Jan 1885 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, USA [2, 7]

Kingsley, Ernest Daniel
Kingsley, George William
Kingsley, Frances Mary

Person Notes: She [frances] was the eldest of four children, the others, Willis, Edmund and George. A sister, Alice died at two years. Edmund never married and died at middle age. At the time he owned and ran a meat market in Pittsford. George was very sick with scarlet fever when a child and became deaf. His health was never robust. His father sent him west to work on a ranch when he was twenty. His health improved somewhat. (From Congdon/Kingsley Family Notes)


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From Congdon Families

From Congdon Families