Sunday, October 3, 2010

John Wyman Jones (1822-1904)

John3 Wyman Jones (John2 - John1)

Information abounds for J. Wyman Jones. A lawyer son of a shopkeeper that became wealthy at real estate, railroads and mining. He designed and pulled together the financing for the founding of Englewood, New Jersey, which some consider the first designed suburban community. The house that he built there in 1850 is (as of 1997) now owned by CBS anchor Charles Osgood. After Englewood, J. Wyman Jones became the first president of the St. Joseph Mining Company in Missouri. Along with his mine manager, J. Wyman used new diamond drilling practices to make the company very profitable. It flourished and absorbed all the competitor companies that came along. He was the president of that company until his death in 1904 at which point his son, Dwight A. Jones took over the presidency until his own death in 1913. Today the Bonne Terre Mine is closed but used as a scuba diving site called the Billion Gallon Lake Resort.

He had two sons by his first marriage to Harriet Dwight Dana. In 1882, Harriet passed away and in 1886 he married Salome Maria Chapin nee Hanna. In 1888, he purchased 300 acres in Georgia and founded the Glen Arven Country Club named after his mother, Ruth Arven. In 1899, President McKinley vacationed with J. Wyman Jones at his winter home in Thomasville, Georgia. The New York Times read "The President is resting".

** Note that he went by J. Wyman Jones in nearly all business and personal dealings.

Individual Facts:
Name: John Wyman Jones
Sex: Male

Father: JONES, John, Esq.
Mother: ARVEN, Ruth

Birth: 2 May 1822 in Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire
Graduation: 1841 Dartmouth College, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Occupation: 1845 as Lawyer in New York City and Utica
Marriage: 1846 to Harriet Dwight DANA
Occupation: 1850 as Real Estate Speculator in New York and New Jersey
Occupation: 1865 as first President of the St. Joseph Lead Mining Company in Bonne Terre, Missouri
Marriage: 1886 to Salome Maria HANNA (previously married to George W. Chapin w/ 1 living child)
Residence: 1899 in Thomasville, Georgia (Winter Home)
Census: 1900 in Bolton Town, Worcester, Massachusetts
JONES, James Dana
JONES, Dwight Arvin

CHAPIN, Charles M. (step-son)***

Brother-in-law: DANA, James Dwight (Geologist)
Brother-in-law: HANNA, Marcus Alonzo (Republican Senator; McKinley Campaign Manager)

*** interesting side note, both James Dana Jone's step-brother, Charles M. Chapin, and his son-in-law, Edgar Davidson Congdon (married to his daughter, Edith Dana Jones) were distant cousins (4th). Descendants of the Converse family via progenitor, LT. Josiah Converse.